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This is a 6 day baited black bear hunt in Alberta Canada. Our baits are located along the banks of the mighty Peace River in Northern Alberta and are accessed by boats. We are the only Alberta outfitter on this river and bait approximately 60 miles of it. We also have some baits accessible by truck and ATV. The Peace River region is known to be among the best areas for an Alberta black bear hunt.

We have a very high bear population, and yes we have color phase bears! Our color phases range from dark chocolate to light blonde, with approximately 20% being colored.



This hunt is different than most Canadian Black Bear Hunts in that our clients stay in our lodge located 8 miles from the town of Fort Vermillion Alberta. There are no tents on this hunt! Our lodge has all the amenities of any home, washer, dryer, shower and of course home cooked meals! Most of our clients fly into Edmonton and rent a vehicle and drive up. There is also a connecting flight to high level which is about 45 minuets from camp, where myself or one of our guides will pick you up.

A typical day will start with a home cooked breakfast between eight or nine o'clock followed by skinning bear from last nights hunt. We then have a big lunch and head to the river where you are taken to a bait where you will sit for the evening and can expect to see 1-5 bears with as many as 17 being our highest number last spring! Each hunter is given a radio and once a bear is harvested the hunter will notify the guide to come pick their trophy up. If you don't harvest a bear once the sun starts to go down your guide will pick you up and begin the journey back to camp.

Our stands are all comfortable hang on and ladder stands, we also use ground blinds if the hunter has any issues being in or getting into a tree stand. We do not use permanent stands. Stands are strategically placed 15- 50 yards from the bait depending if the hunter is using a rifle or bow, only one of the two may be color phase. This helps to keep our color phase bears plentiful with out the danger of being shot out. We are the only Alberta Outfitter on the river in this zone which allows us to manage our area. We try and only harvest bears over 6 foot. Each hunter is also given a wolf tag. Every spring we have a handful of opportunities to harvest wolves! If you are looking for a first class Alberta black bear hunt, feel free to CONTACT US.